Did You Know These Top 6 Fantastic Facts About Cambodia


When I visited Cambodia first time it was an unexpected journey for me. Later it makes me reveal these Fantastic facts about Cambodia. Exploring some facts that going to make me more knowledgeable about Cambodia. These realities are familiar for Cambodians but we get stunned by these wonderful facts about Cambodia.

If you pushing to see Cambodia, you explore their theology and culture to know them nicely.

#1. It is the homeland in Southeast Asia with the most immature population

If you need to visit the most youthful individuals you need to go to Cambodia. About one-third of its residents are younger than 15 years and individuals over 55 years are separate low. Cambodia even has its own shady stories, nearby to the slaying field in Phnom Penh, an academy was transformed into a nightmare building ( called S21). Yet, there are the finest locations to visit in Phnom Penh.

#2. Latest Nation (Political Facts About Cambodia)

Ex 60 years, Cambodia had a rough history. This government has been adjusting its name whenever a new administration came into power. Which at last completed with the title “The Kindom Of Cambodia”

In 1970, a service coup defeated the monarchy. The king’s patience towards Vietnamese and extended armies triggered Cambodia’s barriers. Khmer Rouge, Khmer Republic, and Democratic Kampuchea are additional names of 60 years. The UN (United Nations) supported with relaxation negotiations and eventually, the monarchy was reassigned and the land evolved into the Kingdom Of Cambodia.

Agenda Of Names

  • 1953-1970 (Monarchy) The Kingdom Of Cambodia.
  • 1970-1975 (LonNol’s Government), The Khmer Republic.
  • 1975-1979 (Pol Pot’s horrific Khmer Rouge), Democratic Kampuchea.
  • 1979-1989 (Vietnamese financed Nation), The People’s Republic Of Kampuchea. 
  • 1989-1993 (UN Transitional Assembly), The State Of Cambodia. 
  • 1993-Now (Constitutional Monarchy), The Kingdom Of Cambodia.

#3. Cambodian’s don’t know their birthdate

I got surprised after learning this fact. We kids are honoring while they are nation has more juvenile, traditionally they can’t honor birthdays. Even some more senior individuals only recall the year and season they were born.

Numerous of them failed their family partners, who understood their birthdate. So for somebody, it will create it hard to fill out records in foreign countries. But don’t consider that all the Cambodian don’t comprehend their birthdate, they comprehend and even appreciate it but, rarely make a great value with birthdate.

Why they mark the childbirth year is because the Cambodians observe their orthodox New Year, which Cambodians celebrate their another year of life. So that it was an amazing fact regarding Cambodia.

#4. Cambodia has the big religious memorial in the world

The Fascinating thing close to Cambodia is the remembrance to see there. You will not deny visiting there when you are there. the place is Angkor Wat, it’s the renowned and world’s largest religious structure.

In 1992, UNESCO counted Angkor Wat in the World Heritage List.

It is an essential pilgrimage place for Buddhists from near the world, as nicely as visitors, tempted places.

#5. Tourism is the 2nd Primary Source of Income in Cambodia

Koh Rong Sanloem, Preah Sihanouk, Cambodia

Over 6.5 Million tourists enter the country every year, and these keep growing. Cambodia is all the span recognized in tourist locations, including the 60s. Cambodia has its beautiful shores (Sihanoukville) schedule your trip wisely, you may also skip some areas to add to your list. Tourism is one of the favourite facts about cambodia which attracts millions.

#6. Funerals are costly in Cambodia

Cambodian funeral ritual held for 7 or 4 days, during the time, the body’s cleaned, clothed, and maintained in the family’s house. They will take the body to the crematorium on the third or seventh day. This Cambodian standard funeral procedure cost around $8000. Yes, that’s a lot of cash where the moderate salary is less than $100. For this household members need to rescue the funds for this funeral cost.

The prayers and chants, of each funeral Tradition, are accomplished by monks because the majority of Cambodians are Buddhist.

Do You Want To Know More About Cambodian Girls?

Cambodia is full of adventure, beauty, and stunning traditional attractions. That’s why it is a famous tourists attraction in the world. Not only in nature and culture, but it is also beautiful on its people and especially Cambodian women. You can also check the Top 10 Cambodian Women Models which are very beautiful. This post talks about the unique nature of Cambodian women and their natural beauty.


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