5 Best Places In Cambodia In 2022 Travel


In this post you will discover 5 best places in cambodia which you can travel in 2022.

As we all know we are living in the age of science and technology. Scientists are trying to discover outer alien planets for human civilization. Billions of dollars in spending to moving to other planets but do you know that there are some beautiful places on the earth which may give you the ultimate peace of mind and wonderful experiences?. Yes, my friend, you heard it right.

In this post, you will find some magical hidden places, that you may not have heard of yet. After reading about these places, you will think to make a plan for these places.

So here I present the 5 best places to visit in Cambodia. The sower is going to take off, tight up against your belt and …..let’s launch your trip to Cambodia.

#1. Kampong Cham- Peaceful and Small town in Cambodia

As we begin from one of the old trading camps of Cambodia, it was a trading center in history but now it is just a traveler spot where you can get leased bicycles to go around and watch the place. Usually, it carries me a day to visit that wonderful place. There are even some amazing temples to see and get time passed. 

#2. Phnom Penh – The capital town

The capital metropolis with some politics, it’s common all over the globe. But it was somehow separate from other countries, you may forget all around that politics by just visiting the Royal Palace complex and marketplaces to review. There are very fine restaurants to have good-cooked food. The nationwide museum and the adjoining killing fields are on most visitors’ must-see lists. And even several markets sell statues, pictures, silk, silver, diamonds, and precise antiquities.

#3. Siem Reap- Cambodian outer past and glory town

This part almost takes 3 to 4 days of your trip because there are more than 300 insane things to see there sprinkled all over the area. If you even spend 3 days there are still many left to see there, but you can glimpse the best 3 places within 3 days, Ta Prohm, The Angkor Wat, and The Bayon.

Angkor Wat is the gateway to Siem Reap, Angkor Wat is renowned on the list of Cambodian travelers list on the internet. Concerning the food here, it’s all fine and a nice place to hang out with friends. If you’re a nice bargainer you can lower the price quite low.

This humble provincial capital, located along the Siem Reap River, presents hundreds of tourist choices, including well-preserved colonial structures, museums, classic markets, and cultural events.

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#4. Sihanoukville- Beach city of Cambodia

It is a seaside town where uncovered on the southern coastline. It’s also a nice spot to have parties, like goa in India(Beach City of India). You can bring the ferries/boats to notice the sea and the little islands, the sea is pure and kind to watch.

The shore city also has its own cafes facing the beach, having sorts of music and ambient lighting in the nighttime. With that, we get a remarkable classic massage service, Khmer massage. 

#5. Chambok and surroundings- Highly dense forest

There is a little village inside that rainforest, where individuals still don’t have enough outdoor world options for jobs, so they earn cash from tourists for showing them in the forest and preserving their life inside the forest.

They still maintain the divine coconut, when I saw that I can sense the creator inside me. And even the water inside the coconut is the most delicious water I ever tasted.

Is worth seeing these sites in Cambodia?

I suggest yes, everyone should go once in a life. Hope you appreciate and sustain a safe environment around. By the way, if you require any assistance concerning the Cambodia trip, you can reach us at any time via comment or email.


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