Top 10 Cambodian Women Models That You Will Love At First Sight


Here we have the top 10 unique and hot Cambodian women. Concerning Cambodia, most people think about women of tropical appearance who live in this alien country like in heaven. The major assets of the tiny country of Cambodia are the local beauties who are renowned for their chiseled lines, miniature stature, and special graces. They also look like figurines or porcelain dolls, which tells about their internal harmony. All movements of beautiful Cambodian women are graceful and fluid, in horny as opposed to those of American or European females. Also check funny Deepak Kalal Wikibio.

Sexy and Beautiful Cambodian women sometimes compete in high-level beauty contests and successfully represent their nation and people. The looks of hot Cambodian girls are peacefully combined with internal calmness and friendliness. It is very rare to imagine then making a scandal or conflict or having a disrespectful or aggressive attitude respecting others. Amazingly, modest, shy, and sexy Cambodian girls are very warm and open to new associations.

The beauty of Khmer women is special and anyone can easily detect a Cambodian girl among other Asian girls. Their sweet smile seems to never leave their face while they talk to loved ones or even strangers. Even in the countryside, these hot Cambodian women mostly look well-groomed. They are equally confident and owns a modern outlook on life. Appearance and beauty have become important factors for sexy Cambodian girls to get good jobs and decent earnings. 

The beauty of Cambodian Girls

From ancient times, the hot Cambodian women have glorified their beauty. on the core reliefs of the many ancient temples, you can see the images of ancient apsaras, the beautiful female dancers. The term “apsara” comes from Hindu mythology, the apsaras used to entertain the heavily in the Kingdom of the Indra God. Modern hot Cambodian girls are not less than the apsaras in their beauty. Their gentle eyes, olive skin, short stature, and friendly smiles make these women a unique charm and harmony, that have already been recognized all over the world.

For hundreds of years, very strict requirements were imposed upon the appearance of dancers. They were supposed to have thin waists, small stature, high breasts, wide hips as well as graceful arms and feet. Being a Cambodian dancer is a prestigious job, even today. Hot Cambodian girls have trained in the art of dance in their special schools. These dancers try to keep their skin in good condition to look like goddesses. Smarty and hot Cambodian women don’t spend money on skin whitening and sunscreen products by nature.

Physical Appearance and Features

Cambodian beauty includes a slim body, wide hips, thin waist, and well-managed full lips as their standards of female beauty. Any weakness and fragility do not avoid these hot Cambodian women from doing a variety of tasks. Khmer women are popular throughout the world as perfect waitresses, cooks, and weavers. Cambodian girls look stylish and elegant even in cheap clothes due to their beautiful figures. Hot Cambodian women on only produce very beautiful things by themselves but also wear bright clothes, respected by unique decoration and pure embroidery. To insist on womanhood, Khmer women put on their national dresses, that allow them to exhibit the soft lines and curves of their bodies. This is believed that the light move of sexy Cambodian women should be very quiet which people nearby can only hear a soft whispering of their silky skirts.


The special Cambodian culture is especially based on Buddhism, local beliefs, and Hinduism. The huge majority of the Cambodian population is Khmer. They are niche and friendly people. Despite their outer fragility, Khmer women are very strong, hardworking, and friendly. In Cambodia, they are the female who is behind everything. An unofficial female figure has been evolved in the country. These hot Cambodian women operate different businesses, build houses, earn money and raise children. The kind, calm and gentle nature makes these sexy Cambodian girls perfect wives. For these hot Cambodian women, family values are inalienable. They are very loyal to their spouses, windows rarely get married a second time. Their ancient pattern follows Chbab Srey prescribe these hot Cambodian women to serve their groom and bow to their wishes in any situation. Many girls, especially in conservative families, learn this pattern from their grandmothers, mothers, and older sisters in Cambodia.

Trend Among Men

Before Khmer women rarely got married to men from outer countries. Today, many hot Cambodian girls dream of getting married to a foreigner, making children, and being financially supported by their husbands. Marriages of concession are common in Cambodia. Weddings in the nation can be celebrated on the street in the open sky. Guests come and share money with newlyweds. Often marriages pay twice, and the money received is separated between the young people. Cambodia is a safe and open country now. Many outside men come here for leisure and entertainment. European and American men can meet these sexy Cambodian girls and stay in this nation for some time. International weddings are also not a rare happening now. However, Cambodian officials do not welcome the unity of local men and women of specific nationalities. For example, weedings between South Korean men and local women are banned due to human trafficking temporarily.

Top 10 Hottest Cambodian Girls

Cambodia is a slightly conservative country, that’s why famous actresses and models usually feel embarrassed to show their bodies. Unwisely showing photos and bikini pictures or underwear can lead them to more criticism from the public. However, more Cambodian women want to neglect the conservative society on the influence of developed countries’ lifestyles. Here you will find out portraits of the hottest Cambodian women and girls as well as Khmer roots who are capable to capture the fans with their charm and beauty.

#1. Bérénice Marlohe


Bérénice Lim Marlohe was born in 1979 in Paris, France. She is a talented French actress. Her father was a Cambodian. She is most known for her role as a James Bond girl in the movie Skyfall which came in 2012. Bérénice also starred with Sophie Marceau in the comedy movie Happiness Never Comes Alone. She also seemed in many Television series, such as Père et Maire, Femmes de loi, Equipe médicale d’urgence, and others. Currently, Bérénice Marlohe is a brand ambassador of Omega Watches.

#2. Briya Khmer


Briya Khmer was born in 1991. She is also known as Briya BeeBee, or Biriya who is one of the hottest Cambodian girls. She is a beautiful model with a combination of Khmer, Indian, and Chinese blood. When she was studying at the NUM (National University of Management), she came as a leading model of the Sun Modeling agency. She also participated in advertisement shooting for LUX, Honda, and other brands. Today, Briya reportedly appears in national TV shows. As well as she is the official brand face of LUX.

#3. Mak Sensonita


Mak Sensonita was born in 1994 in Kandal province. She is a Cambodian model and actress. She started her career in 2010. She worked in several feature films and TV series in 2016-2018. Mak Sensonita models for various fashion magazines and the popularity she’s gained so far makes her more influential in the Cambodian entertainment industry and the business world. Currently, she successfully drives her career as a model and actress. Her social media profiles are watched by thousands of audiences daily.

#4. Chandanich Kouy


Chandanich Kouy was born in 1989.

She is a versatile Cambodian actress and model. She drops out of college at the age of 16 to earn living as a waitress.

A fashion authority person noticed her and offered to come to the casting.

This is how Chandanich became one of the best models of the Sapors Modelling Agency. 

Sapor Modeling Agency is a leading company in the Cambodian- fashion business.

She was offered the commercial model after participation in the first Cambodia Fashion Week.

She is popular for the role in the movie The Life of Music which was released in 2018.

Kouy is a good height asian model with versatility and passion of modeling.

#5. Chan Kongkar


Hot Cambodian beauty Chan Kongkar was born in 1990. She is a very beautiful Cambodian model. She had won Cambodia’s Next Top Model 2014 and came in trend. She was also known as “an icon of Khmer beauty” or “a phantom of delight” in the mass media. Today, she is statically appearing in Tv shows, ads, and covers of glossy magazines. Chan Kongkar’s height is 1.69 meters and her weight is 49 kilograms. Her body parameters are 82-60-90 centimeters.

#6. Lida Duch


Lida Duch is one of the hottest Cambodian women who was born in 1991. She is a popular model and actress. She started her modeling career when she was 19 and working for Plusmax Studio.

Being Cambodia’s most promising actress, she admires modifying the traditional portrayal of contemporary women. Audiences remember her characters in such feature films as Forest Whispers (2016), Dream Land (2015), and Jailbreak (2017).

Lida has also appeared in many TV dramas, for now, Domrey Morokot and Smart Girl.

#7. Marie Madore


Marie Madore is an Asian-American model with a combo of Khmer, Chinese, and Vietnamese blood. She was also born in 1991. Today, she lives in Dallas, TX in the USA. In 2014, Madore became one of America’s hundred hottest girls reported by Maxim magazine as well a semi-finalist at Maxim’s Hometown Hotties. She was also called Miss Hot Import Nights Dallas (HIN). Her Instagram page is very trending globally, and over 1.2 million followers are crazy for her.

#8. Monika Tep Sorn


Monika Tep Sorn was born in 1985 in Cambodia. Monika is also known as Moniq Sorn. She is a Cambodian actress, model, entrepreneur, and book author. Monika was born in Phnom Penh, for now, she lives in the United States. She went to Los Angeles to participate in acting classes at the age of 16. At that time, she began a successful modeling career and established her own spa business. Monika recently presented her book Between Two Worlds to the public.

#9. Nou Tim Sreyneat

Nou Tim Sreyneat was born in 1994 and is a cute Cambodian model. She owns the victory of the popular vote at Miss Grand International 2014.

Woefully, she did not win awards at this show, but her stunning catwalk in the bikini became viral on social media since she appeared so hot doing it.

Thanks to that event, that made Nou Tim Sreyneat very popular on social networks and many audiences are closely tracking the career of this beautiful girl.

According to the Miss Grand International, Nou Tim Sreyneat Wants to be a lawyer.

Her Height is 173 cm and Weight is 50 Kg.


#10. Rern Sinat


Rern Sinat was born in 1995 and she is one of the hottest Cambodian girls and a popular model. She became a winner of the Miss Cambodia pageant in 2017. In 2018, Rern became the 2nd Cambodian girl to participate in the title of Miss Universe in history. She did not get any awards, but she was enraptured in a scandal because she did not speak English. After this happened, the Prime Minister of Cambodia, restricted national models from coming to international beauty contests such as Miss Universe.


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