10+ Amazing Forms Of Chinese Martial Arts & Kung Fu


As we all know that Chinese Kung Fu and Martial Arts are popular worldwide. Chinese Kung Fu began to develop the slavery civilization around the 11th century (403 BC). Chinese martial arts is also known by umbrella terms kung fu, Thong Fu, Kuoshu, or Wushu. These are multiple fighting styles that have been established over the centuries in Greater China. These combat styles are also classified according to common traits, recognized as “families” of martial arts.

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The term is made up of two symbols: the first, Kung (功), can indicate masterful work, hard workout, or endeavor. The second, Fu (夫), represents time spent. In their steps to save Chinese values and their nation’s gut, the Chinese people trained and persisted in the culture of Kung Fu not just to learn how to protect themselves physically but also to maintain their national dignity during times of foreign attacks.

Here We Have Collected Top 10 Forms Of Chinese Kung Fu

Here is the checklist of Top 10 Chinese Kung Fu Styles:

1. Shaolin Kung Fu 少林功夫


Shaolin Kung Fu is well understood both at home and abroad. It is derived from the Shaolin Temple in China. It combines the wisdom of Zen Buddhism into Chinese Kungfu and created various types of sub-styles.

2. Tai Chi Quan 太极拳


Tai Chi simply has a history of several hundred years, yet it has been rehearsed widely by the people in multiple parts of China. Tai Chi fascinates the benefits of additional martial arts, combines Yin-yang theory classic Chinese medicine, and other concepts, forming a set of martial art. Practicers move their bodies slowly and gently to create one’s internal power.

3. Wing Chun Quan 咏春拳


Wing Chun is one of the most powerful, most natural Kung fu styles. Wing Chun invented in the earlier 1700s at the Shaolin Temple and was then was widely distributed by Bruce Lee’s Wing Chun instructor, Yip Man. The main principle of Wing Chun is “simplicity.” The less complicated the techniques are, the more practical they will evolve.

4. Baguazhang 八卦掌


Baguazhang is a quiet and inner-style martial art. It connects significance to the interplay between mind and external motions and is often distinguished by slow and flowing movements.

5. Xing Yi Quan 形意拳


Xingyiquan is one of the most senior Internal Martial Arts styles, the further two are Tai Chi and Baguazhang. Xingyiquan bears more concentration on internal power, with flexible movements but clear purpose. It features aggressive moves, explosive strength, and unexpected fighting skills.

6. Choy Lai Fut 蔡李佛


Choy Li Fut compromises the values of various martial arts techniques, composing his own Kung Fu style. Choy Li Fut highlights relaxed, internal power rather than muscular force. 

7. Baji Quan 八极拳


Defiant to Tai Chi, Bajiquan features fierce, short-range control techniques, and is closely connected with the martial system. Many guardians who guard politicians practice Bajiquan. 

8. 北螳螂拳 | Praying Mantis


Praying Mantis was constructed by Wang Lang during the late Ming and earlier Qing periods. It stimulates the movements of a mantis with two hands like hooks. It underlines hand-to-play and footwork as well as speed and skillfulness.

9. Nan Quan 南拳


Nan Quan, also comprehended as the Nanfang Quan, is the mixture of Southern Shaolin boxing and additional southern boxing techniques. Nan Quan stresses easy actions, transforming and short-range hand plays, and stable footwork. 

10. 长拳  | Chang Quan


Chang Quan is home to external martial arts styles which mix many Chinese martial art styles. It underscores fully comprehensive kicks and striking techniques.

Are martial arts and kung fu the same?

Kung fu is truly used to normally represent any skill, discipline, or study conducted through Chinese martial arts, but not necessarily any typical style of martial art. Feel of kung fu as an overarching umbrella phrase for conditions such as tai chi, Shaolin kung fu, or wing Chun.

Kung Fu, thus, is more practical in circumstances where you might be wrestling with your target, while Karate is a more vicious martial art. In a widespread sense, Karate can be utilized more efficiently to harm an enemy while Kung Fu can be utilized to control an opponent.


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