Top 10 Japanese Technology Companies in 2021


While 2020 was a short and overall crisis, it furnished a trigger to transform classical technical approaches. Japan has glimpsed a rise in new attitudes towards digital adoption, indicating the looming transformation for the future of human interchange and workplace productivity.

We’ve created an exhaustive list of top technology companies, most classic Japanese enterprises, established on the following four criteria: ValueSalesProfitSales, and the number of employees. These enterprises uses best crm software like or Salseforce in order to improve their market growth.

# Top 10 Japanese Technology Companies On The Basis Of Market Capitalization

RankCompanyRevenue in USD
1Softbank Group$188.26 B
2NTT DOCOMO$114.18 B
3NTT$100.76 B
4KDDI$72.78 B
5Softbank$61.89 B
6Z Holdings Corporation$39.51 B
7Nexon$29.49 B
8FUJI Media Holdings$21.61 B
9Nomura Research Institute$19.05B
10OBIC Corporation$18.05 B
Source: Strainer


Short has transformed from the last decade with the top 5 companies invariably overlooked by main telecom companies in Japan. We hope that they will resume governing for many years to come. E-commerce and gaming (Nexon) companies observe the telecom giants. Notably, there has been adrift in tech consultancies such as Nomura Research Institute or OBIC Corporation in 2021.  

Since 2018, Sony, Canon, Hitachi, Recruit, Mitsubishi, and Nintendo have shifted from the top 10. These trademarks have had to compete with a breakthrough invention from the latest tech companies with the champions being capable to bring continuous discovery and growth to their clients and partners. 

Notations on the Japanese Gaming Industry

For the past 2 decades, Microsoft with its Xbox has fallen to successfully penetrate the Japanese market. This is mostly due to the fallen localization of the Xbox creation. Japan is house to 3 big console makers, Nintendo, Sega, and Sony.

Stream gaming has evolved a disruptor in the gaming industry. Microsoft and Sony arranged a surprise collaboration for cloud gaming in May 2019. Google also penetrated the playing domain with Stadia, a cloud gaming service. Stadia donates to the fall in stakes of Sony and Nintendo.

In the gaming industry, COVID just revved the tendency that had been brewing over the last years. Nexon strives to grow its PC games to mobile. And recognize, there are approximately 3 billion positively game-playable workstations in individuals’ pockets around the world. In 2020, MapleStory was wakeful 151% in Korea and 171% in Japan, a 24% boost from a year ago.

# Top 10 Japanese Technology Companies by Revenue

RankCompanyRevenue in USD
1NTT$107.61 B
2SoftBank Group$83.52 B
3KDDI$45.98 B
4NTT Docomo$43.49 B
5NTT Data$19.31 B
6Yahoo$8.18 B
7Otsuka Corporation$6.93 B
8FUJI Media Holdings$5.90 B
9T-GAIA$5.04 B
10Nomura Research Institute, Ltd$4.30 B
Source: Neri Marketing

Reminders on NTT


At the end of September 2020, NTT company determined to make NTT Docomo a wholly-owned subsidiary, purchasing out the shares it didn’t already hold. The contract between the two, which would provide NTT Docomo solid economic support to engage in price wars, may initiate even more intense competition among the nation’s main wireless carriers. NTT is the biggest household runner in terms of its number of subscribers.

Notations on Softbank

SoftBank Group bailed out Katerra, which is a building startup, with around USD 200 million in 2020, December 30th. Softbank Group is the world’s biggest technology investor. 2020 has been a suitable year for Softbank, after healing from WeWork’s IPO scandal.

Notes on NTT Data

With outstanding results in 2013 and 2019, NTT Data Corporation has persisted to perform incredible revenue records. This is mainly due to booming business with economic companies and the flourishing growth in investments like Carlisle & Gallagher Consulting Group in 2016, Sierra Systems Group Incorporate in November 2018, Cognosante Consulting Limited Liability Company in April 2019, AWS associate Flux7 in December 2019, and ServiceNow supporter Acorio in 2020. 

# Top 10 Japanese Technology Companies by Profit

RankCompanyRevenue in USD
2Hitachi$1,640 M
3NTT Data Corporation$1,191 M
4NEC$1,128 M
5Nomura Research Institute, Ltd$769 M
6Otsuka Corporation$580 M
7OBIC Corporation$419 M
8TIS$419 M
9SCSK Corporation$391 M
10ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation$378 M
Source 業界動向サーチ.com


In the collapse of 2020, Hitachi’s net profit zoomed more than five-fold to $3.5 billion from the earlier year. Using profit dropped 28.9% to $2.936 billion, and on deals of $55.4 billion, down 5.8%. This is due to the rebounding market for Hitachi elevators and auto pieces in China, the world’s second-biggest economy. It is contemplating marketing all or part of its stake in its subordinate Hitachi Metals Ltd. but has however to conclude.


In fiscal 2020, NEC acquired massive year-over-year increases in both revenue and driving profits after a structural reform in 2019. The net profit calculated USD 926 million, its tallest level in 23 years due to the improved working profit and tax effects from conducting processes to previously liquidated businesses. 


The majority of top players documented on the “Top Revenue” list are not recorded on Profit. Prominent companies such as NTT and Softbank completed 2020 headlines as they created great acquisitions, reducing their profit margins.

FUJI SOFT and Hitachi have overtaken NTT Data Corporation in terms of profit since 2014. This may be due to NTT Data’s accession in August 2020 of an American company, Acorio, the world’s most extensive pure-play ServiceNow consultancy. 

# Top 10 Japanese Technology Companies by the Size

RankCompanyNumber Of Employees
4NTT Data Corporation11,515
6SCSK Corporation7,384
7Otsuka Corporation7,272
8Nomura Research Institute, Ltd6,353
10Nihon Unisys, Ltd4,355

Since 2018, Hitachi has sliced their job by 11%, especially in Hitachi Metals, via “voluntary redundancy” and because of Coronavirus. See overhead in Profits for Hitachi regarding selling all or portion of its stake in subsidiary Hitachi Metals Ltd.

Mitsubishi Electric, once third in 2018, nowadays is no longer on the list. This could be because of the recruit’s suicide scandal in 2019.

Hitachi, NEC, Fujitsu, and NTT Data Corporation have had constant employment numbers, even though Corona.

Insights on employment in Japan

Lifetime occupation has extended been the cornerstone of Japanese corporate governance. New academy graduates will apply to an enterprise rather than to a typical position and are anticipated to remain with the company until retirement. 

Today, regardless, businesses are transforming their recruitment strategies by hiring for technological roles because of a lack in the force and an expansion in global competition. The most delinquent OECD financial survey indicates that the lifetime profession of employees in their 30s and 40s at giant companies has dropped to 15% and 9.4%, respectively. Meanwhile, 40% of the existing labor workforce consists of part-time and agreement workers.

Present Japanese employment regulations are structured around classic Japanese work culture, creating it challenging to terminate workers. As an outcome, Japanese enterprises will offer volunteer retirement prospects if and when they require to restructure their companies. 

For instance, in an endeavor to restructure its enterprise, Fujitsu, a Japanese international information technology tools and services company, reported it prepared to share some 5,000 workers from its back-office departments to tech-related appointments. After this report, 2,850 employees freely applied for retirement. Reportedly, most of these retirement applicants were workers who were 45 or more aged.

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