Have You Visited These Largest Cities In Asia?


Asia is the most populated mainland in the world. The nations with the most increased populations contain China, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, the Philippines, and Japan. At this time, it is calculated that around 4.4 billion individuals currently live in Asian countries, which decodes into almost 60% of the world’s entire residents. These babal cities hold high potential to impact the globe in any point. With a median age counted to be 30 and an entire fertility rate of 2.2 deliveries per female, it seems doubtful that the Asian population increase rate will slow down particularly in the future years. Current estimations even indicate that the Earth’s population will grow to a whopping eight billion people by the year 2024.

Most Populous Cities In Asia

Numbers Dropping In Japan

Half of the world’s most populous cities in Asia lie in either Japan or China, with the most extensive urban centers existing in Tokyo and Osaka in Japan, and Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou in China. Presently, however, Japan is undergoing a population reduction, which has been attributed to such aspects as a lack of immigration and a decrease in the domestic birth rate.

Family Planning In China

China assumed a one child per home approach in the late 1970s to shrink its thriving population growth. Among the multiple unintentional results of Chinese households, planning laws have enclosed improved rates of child murder and abortions (especially for sex selection), as well as gender inequality. Despite its position as the most populated land in the world, in 2014 China began adjusting its one-child policy, permitting some pairs to have two children.

The Dark Side Of Population Growth

The outcomes of Asia’s high population and continued growths rates can be seen in different aspects of life, including concerning social, financial, and environmental situations. Matters such as urban sprawl, boosted stress on biological resources, industrialization, increasing rates of poverty, and increased power usage, as well as more high pollution outputs, are all bonded to population growth. All across Asia, huge numbers of people are also pushing out of rural places and into big cities in quest of work and more suitable quality of living.

Delhi: A Big City With Big Problems


Delhi, India operates as an illustration of a city that has existed especially affected by rises in population growth. According to news in The Times of India, more than 50% of the population presently living in Delhi resides in its “slums”. These residents often lack even the most basic of benefits, such as handling water, electricity, and bathrooms. The same report noted that the city delivers over 7,000 metric tons of waste every single day. Because of elements such as low-grade sanitation, diseases spread fast and disease is typical among people living in slums in Delhi and elsewhere. Further outcomes of Delhi’s population of 25 million individuals retain harmful levels of water and air pollution. An analysis by the World Health Organization (WHO) saw that Delhi has the heartbreaking distinction of being the most polluted urban center in the whole world.

Will There Be Continued Growth Into The Future?

Because of situations over growing populations and growth rates, multiple Asian governments have stepped up their actions aimed at lowering or altering such growth. With this in sense, a focus has been set on delivering citizens with education, as well as access to a combination of birth management methods and family planning techniques. A study led by the UN indicates that by the year 2050 the population of Asia will get 5.3 billion. It’s also predicted that in the not too remote future a small handful of countries, including China, India, and Pakistan will be home to 50% of the world’s total inhabitants. Worldwide life longing rates are also anticipated to continue rising, delivering rise to increased elder populations as well.

Gigantic Cities In Asia By Population

RankCityCountryMetro Population (Million)
18SeoulSouth Korea9.8


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