10 Incredible Facts About Asia


In this post, you will know 10 incredible facts about Asia. Also, remember to visit these ranking cities to find more surprises in Asia.

As you know that Asia is the most extensive mainland and occupies almost 30% of the entire area of the Earth. It is wrapped by the Arctic Ocean in the north and the Indian Ocean in the south. Similarly the Pacific Ocean in the east; Ural Mountains, Black Sea, Caspian Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea in the west.

You can find the biggest nations of the world like Russia and China in Asia.

#1. Singapore has a construction inspired by a Star Wars robot


It is a fact. It wasn’t just a nerdy engineer chuckling, either. ‘The Sandcrawler’, which was noted behind its on-screen counterpart, looks likewise ready to shudder across the sands of Tatooine in pursuit of droids for scrap.

Foremost unlocked in 2013, the structure now accommodates Lucasfilm Ltd.’s Asia offices. It is a ‘state-of-the-art complex lodging animation offices and ILM Singapore.’ If you’re a real Star Wars fan, this could be another big cause for you to study foreign in Singapore – your opportunity to see the powerful Sandcrawler in person!

#2. There are around 1600 temples in Kyoto, Japan


Are you wishing to study in Japan? Ensure to review ancient Kyoto, which was Japan’s imperial capital for better than a thousand years. Kyoto is house to 1.5 million individuals, who live alongside the municipality’s many ancestry sites and chronological buildings.

The ‘Historic Memorials of Ancient Kyoto’ are a UNESCO World Heritage area, with the Kennin-Ji temple frequently considered as the oldest temple. It was created in 1202 CE and is residence to the final resting spot of Eisai, the monk who is believed to have got Zen Buddhism to Japan.

#3. Hong Kong signifies ‘fragrant harbor’

This might be precise more of an unexpected fact for anyone who’s seen the modern-day city! Hong Kong’s evolution from a colonial outpost to a dynamic port, and ultimately the international economic hub it is today, may have substituted its previously pleasant aroma with more industrial, trendy city aromas. But it still stays a famous study abroad goal among those glancing to study in Asia.

With its amazing history and civilization, ‘Asia’s world city is rated as the world’s number five city for learners in the QS most promising Student Cities. It is Asia’s highest-trending entrance.

#4. China creates 45 billion couples of chopsticks per year

China is one of the most populous countries. There is a lot of people, but that’s even a pretty large digit! In extra to the country’s own chopstick production industry, some Chinese diners and restaurants directly import chopsticks produced by US producers, who frequently use a softer wood that doesn’t require to be bleached.


When touring Asia, be certain to touch upon your chopstick etiquette. Be conscious that it is supposed bad manners to wipe your chopsticks on the edge side of your bowl, and indicating your rested chopsticks at fellow cafes is downright impolite!

#5. South Korea has a particular Valentine’s Day for unmarried people

It is a romantic fact about Asia. Valentine’s Day (14 February) tends to be dominated by loved-up partners in multiple Western cultures, who accept each other gifts.While in South Korea, the celebration is barely different. February 14th is merely one of 12 ‘love days’, which are honored on the 14th of each month.

February’s Valentine’s Day sees ladies offer chocolates to men as a symbol of love in South Korea. A month after, on 14 March, White Day is enjoyed, when guys traditionally return with another gift.


If you didn’t acquire any offerings at all, then worry not: there’s daytime for you too!, April 14th is an amazing unofficial holiday comprehended as Black Day. It is a day for unhitched singles to fetch together and roll over a bowl of jajangmyeon, a black noodle dish that offers the day its name.

#6. There are over 150 volcanoes in Indonesia (Geo Facts About Asia)

Indonesia is placed on the edge of the pacific plate – an location is known as the ‘Ring of Fire’. Having 127 of the land’s volcanoes presently active, it’s effortless to see how it gained this name!

Indonesia’s most vibrant volcano is Mount Merapi, on the island of Java. It generally explodes every two to three years, with enormous explosions every decade or so. An extremely large explosion in 1006 is stated to have gone the whole island coated in ash.

Volcano Peak

#7. Japan has delivered 22 Nobel Laureates

That’s better per capita than any further Asian country! Japan has lengthy appreciated a proud prestige as a technical, cultural, and creative powerhouse, which began long before the country’s foremost Nobel Prize was succeeded by Hideki Yukawa in 1949.

Yukawa functioned at Kyoto Imperial University as an academic physicist. He won the Nobel Prize for his job on subatomic particles and moved on to win numerous prizes in Japan and beyond as well as the prestigious Lomonosov Gold Medal in 1964.

#8. Southeast Asia is house to the world’s largest flower


How many flower-based truths about Asia do you comprehend? Not so many? Well, here’s one to recognize. The Rafflesia discovered expanding on the woodland floors of Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand delivers giant flowers of up to a meter across. Their unique shape and size have made them an emblematic quality, and the Rafflesia has been embraced as Indonesia’s authorized state flower.

If you undergo one on an investigation abroad adventure, yet, don’t reach too close! The Rafflesia is comprehended colloquially as the ‘corpse flower’ as well as the ‘stinking lily’, due to its biological appearance, and the nasty odor it operates to seduce pollinating insects.

#9. The world’s most smallish mammal!

Western Thailand is house to Kitti’s hog-nosed rod, also popular as the bumblebee bat, which is considered by some as the world’s smallest mammal. These little bats give delivery to one child annually and generally live as part of a territory of 100 or so, usually in shelters. Despite their ‘threatened’ condition, the species was found in Burma in 2001, sparkling longings for more territories outside of the bat’s aboriginal Thailand.

#10. Indonesia is the fourth most populated country In The World

And eventually, on our list of incredible facts about Asia, did you know that Indonesia tracks China, India as well as the US, to proclaim the 

world’s fourth-largest people? The scope of the country’s total mainland is about three times the size of Texas and is produced of thousands of islands of irregular size, which traverse an area of around 5,000 kilometers from east to west. This massive scale has created a nation of highly manifold cultures, with various trades and traditions from isle to island. 


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