10 Interesting Facts About Russia


Russia, the world’s most extensive homeland has the most extended railway. It is the second-largest craftwork showroom in the globe and is residence to numerous billionaires.

Russia is the world’s immense country with a prosperous history and several dozen racial classes. Its history is overlooked by aggression, monarchies, and an authoritative 20th-century Soviet power. Its present politicians are frequently at chances with Western values and conflict with both Europe and the United States.

Here we got 10 interesting facts about Russia:

#1. Russia is the largest land in the world

It is the largest homeland surrounding over 6.6 million square miles. Russia occupies 1/10th of the whole land on Earth. It travels 11 time zones across two mainlands (Asia and Europe) and has shores on three oceans (the Arctic, Atlantic, and Pacific Oceans).

The Russian geography ranges from desert to frozen coastline, lofty cliffs to giant wetlands. Much of Russia is formed up of rolling, treeless grasslands anointed steppes. Siberia, which covers three-quarters of Russia, is conquered by sprawling pine woodlands called taigas.

#2. Located in the Borders of Two Oceans

Russia is located in the Northern Hemisphere and edges of two oceans: the North Pacific Ocean and the Arctic Ocean.

Russia has nearly 100,000 rivers, including some of the lengthiest and most mighty in the world. It also has several lakes, including the two largest lakes of Europe: Onega and Ladoga. Lake Baikal in Siberia holds more water than any further lake on Earth.

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#3. Russia Spreads across 2 mainlands

Russia extends across two mainlands, wrapping a part of Eastern Europe that connects the Ural Mountains.

Although Russia drops partially in Asia, it is regarded as a European country due to its cultural, historical, ethnic, and political connections to the continent. The extensive majority of its residents (80%) live within its European part, constructing it the most populated European nation.

#4. Its Official Name is the Russian Federation.

The nation’s official title is the Russian Federation. Modern Russia emanates its label from Kevin Rus, the predecessors of Russia, Ukraine, along Belarus. The term Rus’ arrives from an Old Norse phrase for ‘the men who row. ‘ Chronological references from the span are lacking, so it is inconceivable to remark anything with complete confidence.

While the most senior autonym of the Grand Duchy of Moscow utilized in its records was Rus’ (Russian: Русь). The Russian motherland (Russian: Русская земля), a unique form of its reputation, Rusia or Russia, emerged and became standard in the 15th century.

#5. Russian Federation Population Only 146 Million

The present population of the Russian Federation is 146,038,047 as of February 28, 2022, according to the Worldometer growth of the recent United Nations data. Russia’s people are equal to 1.87% of the entire world’s inhabitants. It ranks number 9 in the list of nations by population.

The major causes for Russia’s annual population reduction are elevated death rates, lower birth rates, increased rates of abortions, and a low grade of immigration. Increased Death Rate: According to the United State Central Intelligence World Factbook, Russia has an especially high casualty rate of 13.4 deaths per thousand people each year

#6. Moscow is one of the Richest City

Russia’s capital city, Moscow is one of the richest cities in the world by the many billionaires. In 2018, the city conveyed 69 billionaires, behind New York, China’s Hong Kong, and San Francisco.

The Moscow Kremlin is the world’s most extensive medieval fort. Moscow is anointed behind a river. More than 6 million passengers utilize the Moscow metro every day pushing it the 3rd busiest metro in the world. Moscow State University is the largest university building on Earth. This city is regularly quoted as one of the most expensive cities in the world.

#7. Unique Restaurant Twin Stars

In Moscow, there is a unique restaurant staffed exclusively with twins, called the Twin Stars. It is an interesting fact about russia because you can see only twins in this restaurant. It offers that you are going to see dual, not effect of the strong vodka, but due to the team is made up only of matching twin brothers and sisters. Twin Stars Restaurant only hires identical twins.

#8. The Second Biggest Art Museum

The Hermitage is the second enormous art showroom in the world, is located in Russia’s ex-capital, Saint Petersburg. The gallery has over 3 million craft pieces.

#9. The Deepest Lake In The Planet

Lake Baikal is the deepest lake in the world that is located in Siberia. It is deeper than 5 thousand feet. 

It is an ancient, gigantic lake in the Russian mountain region of Siberia which is north of the Mongolian border. It is believed the deepest lake in the world. This lake is encircled by a web of hiking routes named the Great Baikal Trail.

#10. The well-known train route, the longest railway

Russia owns the best-known train trail in the Trans-Siberian railroad, the world’s most extended railroad, linking Moscow to Vladivostok. Nevertheless, many other scenic train routes join the capital to Beijing through Mongolia or Manchuria.

I hope you love these interesting facts about russia. Feel free to leave your feedback and get in touch with upcoming modern facts about asia culture and travel-related guides.


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